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The ultimate combination of safety and style: field uniform batik

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Field uniform are typically worn in various industries or workplaces where there may be potential hazards or risks to workers' safety. These field uniform is designed to provide protection and often include features such as high-visibility materials, flame resistance, chemical resistance, or durability

Integrating batik* patterns into field uniform adds a cultural touch and promotes the traditional art form. It combines the functionality and safety aspects of work wear with the aesthetic appeal of batik designs. This combination allows workers to showcase their cultural heritage while maintaining necessary safety standards in their respective workplaces


  1. Cultural Representation: The field uniform batik celebrates Indonesian heritage and promotes cultural diversity within the workplace. It allows workers to showcase their cultural identity while performing their duties safely.

  2. Enhanced Safety Awareness: The distinctive batik design of the uniform increases visibility, promoting safety awareness in the workplace. It helps workers identify each other more easily and alerts others to their presence.

  3. Positive Work Environment: The incorporation of cultural elements in the safety uniform fosters a positive and inclusive work environment. It encourages appreciation for diversity and promotes a sense of pride and belonging among workers.

  4. Branding and Identity: Companies can customize the field uniform batik with their logo or specific designs, enhancing their brand identity and recognition.

*Batik is a traditional fabric art form in Indonesia that involves wax-resist dyeing on cloth. It is known for its intricate patterns and vibrant colors


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